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Help MAHPBA Fight Forced Electrification & Gas Bans
All across the country, a number of states and localities have implemented or proposed policies that restrict the use of gas appliances in homes and businesses. In an effort to educate our membership and their customers, and to dispel the myths [more...]
New Jersey's Energy Master Plan (NJEMP) requires zero-carbon fuels by 2050. While we support efforts to reduce carbon emissions, the NJEMP would require all space and water heating to be electric, eliminating affordable natural gas and propane as op [more...]
2021 MAHPBA Membership Meeting
If you missed the June 25, 2021 MAHPBA Membership Meeting, the recording can be found below. [more...]
Tax Credit Update
CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THE NEW CONSUMER ONE-PAGER JANUARY 11, 2021 UPDATE: Out with the old and in with the new! A spending legislation and pandemic relief package was signed into law at the very end of December and included a long sou [more...]
Doing Business During COVID-19
If you missed the HPBA Webinar May 1, 2020, then scroll down to watch on YouTube. WEBINAR HIGHLIGHTS Is it possible to do business during COVID-19?How can you bring in revenue and keep your doors (figuratively) open when your customers ar [more...]