NJ Master Hearth Specialist

August 23rd, 2019 New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy signed S1303/A3118, also known as the “Master Hearth Specialist” bill into law. The MHS Bill creates Licensing for “Master Hearth Specialists.” Click below to read the official press release…

Thank you to those who supported the passage of the N.J. Master Hearth Specialist Bill. Click here to view the list of businesses and organizations…

What is a Master Hearth Specialist (MHS)?

A “Licensed Master Hearth Specialist” means a person who holds a current, valid license to engage in “Hearth Professional Work” pursuant to the provisions of the Master Hearth Specialist Bill.

What does the MHS Law State?

The MHS Law states that a person shall not work as a master hearth specialist or use the title or designation of “licensed master hearth specialist” or “master hearth specialist” unless issued a license pursuant to the provisions of the Master Hearth Specialist Bill.

What is Hearth Professional Work?

“Hearth Professional Work” means the installation, replacement, connection, venting, inspection, repair, maintenance, or servicing of:

  • Hearth Product Appliances
  • Barbecue Appliances
  • Outdoor Patio Appliances
  • Decorative Space Heater Appliances

Hearth Professional Work includes the installation, inspection, repair, or servicing of:

  • Vent & Vent Connectors
  • Masonry Chimneys
  • Metal & Factory Built Chimneys & Vent Systems
  • Natural or Manufactured Gas Piping on the load side of the meter.

How do you obtain a MHS License?

MAHPBA has produced a booklet that includes background and general information on the NJ MHS License.

The official website for the NJ MHS Advisory Committee can be accessed here.

Click the button below to create an account and begin the online application to become a Master Hearth Specialist.

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