Membership in the Mid-Atlantic Hearth, Patio & Barbecue Association (MAHPBA) is open to all entities in Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and District of Columbia who have a commercial interest in products and/or services related to the industry. 

MAHPBA is an affiliate of the national Hearth, Patio & Barbecue Association (HPBA), and by joining MAHPBA you get membership in the HPBA as well. This makes you eligible for members-only discounts, affinity programs, industry training, government advocacy, and unique networking opportunities. For more reasons why you should join MAHPBA/HPBA, click here.

To join MAHPBA click here.

Why You Should Become A Member


HAVE A VOICE in what happens in state government through MAHPBA’s advocacy efforts. MAHPBA is your “watchdog” for legislative and regulatory issues that can adversely impact your business.

NETWORKING It’s not just who you know, it’s who others know. Come join us at our HBPA EXPO Reception or at our newly rebranded annual trade show, MAHPBApalooza.

LEARNING Get a competitive edge with exclusive member training opportunities on a variety of topics including NFI, business sales, safety & more.

VISIBILITY Stand out and get noticed in your community with our online member directory, commercials, and digital ads.

CREDIBILITY Enjoy the invaluable benefit of showing consumers that you support and participate in your industry association.

DISCOUNTS  Increase your purchasing power through members-only discounts.  In addition to member-only pricing on MAHPBA event registrations, education, and products, you can also save money by contacting HPBA’s Affinity Partners.

NEW for 2024! We’re excited to announce the launch of the Employment Law Hotline as a free benefit to members. U.S-based retail members can submit questions to hrlegalhelp@hpba.org and an attorney will answer, depending on the issue. Access to an employment attorney can save hundreds of THOUSANDS of dollars in wrongful termination claims or other issues.

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From credit card processing and fuel to office supplies, payroll, and everything in between – every business has operational costs. But could some of them be lower? For the average business, the answer to that question may come after hours of research. For MAHPBA members like you it’s much easier.

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Here’s How it Works:

Access: Go to your MAHPBA Savings Page to explore opportunities to save from our pre-vetted network of national vendors

Activate: Your Savings Consultant Team will assess your business and activate the best savings opportunities for you

Add it Up: With pre-negotiated discounts in over 20+ categories, the average member saves $16,000 a year. Ready to add-up your savings?

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You can also reach your Savings Consultant Team directly by calling

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About Savings4Members

Savings4Members has been partnered with MAHPBA since 2012 providing substantial savings to members. Savings4Members works with dozens of purchasing cooperatives, buying groups and associations across many different industries to supply members with significant cost savings on services and products, they use every day. With easy access to over 20 categories of discounts and a team that handles the details for you, Savings4Members helps navigate which member benefits are most beneficial for you and your business.

Need more info?  Please contact Jonathan Williams at 804-643-4433 ext 6 or Email


Looking for best practices for your business success? HPBA has collected a list of resources and materials to guide retailers through marketing efforts, promotions, business management tools and more. MAHPBA and HPBA are here to assist retailers within our industry by providing the most accurate and latest information to help your business grow. 

Click here for the Retailer Toolkit.

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