Help MAHPBA Fight Forced Electrification & Gas Bans

All across the country, a number of states and localities have implemented or proposed policies that restrict the use of gas appliances in homes and businesses. In an effort to educate our membership and their customers, and to dispel the myths created by the electrification movement, we have created this page as a resource for information.

If you have any questions or if you are aware of pending pro-electrification initiatives in your locality, please reach out to MAHPA at or to one of our Government Affairs Committee Directors (listed below).

For your reference, we have created an informational flyer and brochure. In addition, we have created state-specific websites for states that have pending electrification legislation:

Smart Heat New Jersey

Smart Heat Maryland

MAHPBA Government Affairs Committee Contacts:

  • Rick Lapp, Chair & Delaware Director
  • Kurt Evers, Maryland Director
  • Ron Kessner & John Susnosky, New Jersey Directors
  • Justin Kaufman, Pennsylvania Director